The Art and Mechanics of Timelapse Photography

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Photography is a well-known and highly practiced hobby, profession, art, and a tool to be a part of nature (“What is Photography?”). Today, Photography is seen and used in many public viewing subjects like advertising, magazines, newspapers, business, promotions for companies and industries, billboards, movies, and architecture. Photography also acts as an outlet to connect people and the world through arts, histories, cultures, interests, and locations (Williams). Through photographs we preserve history and evoke the essence of places other people have not been to (Williams). Over the course of history, people have been involved in getting to know our world better, whether it would be through exploration, traveling, getting to know a different culture, or even things as simple as painting, reading a book, or viewing photographs. The art of recording our surroundings has evolved tremendously throughout the years. Time Lapse Photography is an example of this evolution. Time Lapse Photography is an innovative, yet imaginative form of photography that demonstrates another unique way to view the world and its pulchritude. Timelapse Photography not only captures and records our surroundings, but captures our environment and how it can change over time.

Photography is not only an art, but a science; Photography involves visual science, the science of light, and the science of chemistry. Through the camera, light is captured, or recorded, into a piece of silver halide emulsion, known as film, or an electronic light sensor (“What is Photography?”). The film, or sensor, can record other things such as electromagnetic radiation. For example, the light being transmitted into our eyes, and our mind creating images, is almost like how a c...

... middle of paper ... lapse photography is? Through this essay you may use the information as a way to discover your connection to the world. You may not want to create your own timelapse, but, you may use these examples as another outlook on our surroundings, and the world.

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