The Art Of Vincent Van Gogh

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There are many amazing artists that have made a huge impact on the art world through the art that they have created. As I am a huge art fan, and make art myself, it was very interesting but difficult to try and choose only one artist to talk about when there are so many out there. Of course, I could have talked about any other artist, and I am positive that many other students chose the same artist as me. But either way, one of the most famous, influential and most talked-about artists is Vincent van Gogh.
Vincent van Gogh was born in the Netherlands on 1853. At the age of 27 is when he truly began his interest in art and soon expanded it into a career, even though only having another 10 more years to live. While traveling to Paris in 1886 with his brother Theo, Vincent learned many knew techniques and movements of art which he later used in his own art work. It was not until the very last two and a half years of Vincent’s life that the world truly saw what he was capable of creating with his hands and mind, being in that state of mind in which he was really disturbed and his despair was deepening. Some of his mental and, as well as physical, health includes temporal lobe epilepsy, bipolar disorder and hypergraphia, according to Van Gogh Gallery, 2015.
In those last two and a half years of his life, Vincent painted one of the most beautiful and historic paintings that so many people, still to this day, appreciate, adore and love so much. Yes, you guessed correctly. I am talking about The Starry Night, which was painted in 1889 with oil on a 29 x 36¼” canvas. Vincent van Gogh was one of those artists that just poured his heart and soul, along with his feelings, into his art work and you can definitely see and tell how his state of...

... middle of paper ... overlook a piece of art work and move on from there, not really knowing as to why an artist painted the way they did, and painting what they painted for a reason. There are individuals out there who do see the meaning behind the brushstrokes, the techniques, the overall picture, and they are left feeling somewhat with more insight to the world around them. I believe that so many people find his art work to be truly amazing and legendary because a variety of people can relate to how he felt, other than loving his art work and how they looked overall. As to many people relating to how he felt, The Starry Night, in my opinion does not represent death, even though Vincent ended up killing himself. I believe that it represents hope and brightness and that we should always keep reaching for our own stars, suns and cosmic energy even in the depths of our disturbed minds.
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