The Art And Result Of Communication

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The Art and Result of Communication

Communication is a two-way process or dialogue that involves the sender relaying a message, through a communication medium or channel, to the receiver of the message. Two parties are attempting to share meanings and relate to them in the same manner; in this way communication will be successful. The end result of communication is that it must bring out a response and change behavior. The most important factor is for the sender to communicate his/her ideas clearly and for the receiver to listen with understanding. We communicate every day with almost everyone around us. Messages can be sent to others by two ways of communicating, verbally and non verbally.

Most of the verbal communication is from one individual to another. This is true in a family, social, or a work setting. One-on-one verbal communication affords the greatest opportunity for precise communication, because immediate feedback from the receiver can tell whether the message has been understood accurately. However, communicating effectively involves more than just accuracy. The purpose of most communication is to influence the attitudes and behaviors of those whom we address. Since the human race is composed of billions of individuals, each with a different way of responding, no one approach is universally effective. It is therefore important to learn to express ones self accurately and in a way that will accomplish the purpose toward the individual being addressed. (Lewis & Slade 2000)

The importance of non verbal communication is obvious in the fact that it is used in the majority of human communication. The fact that non verbal communication is more important than any other form of communication is due to the emotional information it conveys, which is otherwise usually controlled or concealed. Thus, human beings base their feelings and emotional responses not so much on what another person says, but upon what another person does. In fact, it is estimated that the impact of non verbal communication on a message's meaning can be as high as 93%.

Both types of communication are important when a group is working together. There are three things needed to make a group: a common goal, at least three people, and influences by and influence to others. When we all work together in order to achieve a desirable goal, we exhibit interdependence.
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