The Argument Of Cultural Relativism

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The world contains a great numbers of different cultures that vary from different countries. Sometimes we found other culture interesting or hard to understand. I believe that moral relativism is a unilateral argument that people who consider this standpoint ignore the fact that there are universal standard and the moral progress happen in the society. Based on culture relativism, there is no definitely right or wrong moral standards which they all depend on different culture or different person. There are six claims from culture relativists mentioned in Rachel’s article. The first argument from relativist is the Cultural differences argument. It displays that “different cultures have different moral codes” (Rachel’s) and that is why people…show more content…
Therefore, no standard line was drawn for people to judge weather one culture is good or bad than the other. In fact, based on relativism, we all think our culture is right, then when we see other culture we will use our method to criticise others. When we judge them, instead of thinking wether it is right or wrong, we are comparing them with our own culture. On the other hand, since people believe in different moral codes, there is also no “universal truth” that people are all believe is right and follow it as a rule. So we should not judge others, instead we ought to accept and tolerate other…show more content…
To begin with, due to the moral codes are different from different cultures, relativist suggested at last that we should not judge other culture and what they do, which implies to all the people from different culture and believes, which means they all accept that judging other people is wrong. This point makes “tolerance” became a “universal truth” that individuals should all agree with and even relativist wanted people to follow it. Thus, it contradicts what they say about there is no “universal truth” that every one believes and follows. From the similar point, if we all think the culture is equal and there is no right or wrong either good or bad about any culture, why should we “tolerate” some cultures? From William’s point of view, if a culture think tolerance is wrong, from the standpoint that “ the culture is right for a given society” (William’s) is right to think tolerance is wrong. Conversely, the last point suggested that it is wrong to judge other culture. which contradicts the first one. To view it from the opposite side, people who against relativism argues that even if people from different culture, people all have the same values on general dispute. To begin with, Rachel argues that people see culture difference from the surface, but for the most of the time, when we understand deeper about each culture, it may show the same meaning. Most of the culture
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