The Argument Culture By Deborah Tannen

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A mere question is how Tannen pulls the reader into her article titled “The Argument Culture.” Deborah Tannen uses multiple rhetorical devices such as language, logos, and imagery to explain in depth the “adversarial mindset” plaguing America and shows us her solution in the article “The Argument Culture”. Tannen wanted to inform Americans how argument based we truly are and persuade us to make change. Like I stated earlier Tannen begins this process by placing a question in our minds, “Balance. Debate. Listening to both sides. Who could question these Noble American traditions” (Tannen 403)? Tannen then structures her article to develop understanding of the concept among the uninformed. Ethos, Pathos, and Logos also play a key role in the description of the culture, but Tannen adds in real life examples and imagery to create mental images of the idea. Simplicity is Tannen’s friend in the description of her ideas and concepts. Tannen uses simple language throughout the whole article so the audience could understand the topic and this also lets the reader know this article is for everyone and not only experts. For most of the ideas she presents in the article Tannen uses examples to verify what the idea really is, “the best way to begin an essay is to attack someone; and the best way to show you 're really thinking is to criticize” (Tannen 404). This was an example of how we think with an adversarial mindset, which some of the audience may not have understood. Tannen structures her article to explain different parts of the culture then persuade you to make change, all these ideas slowly add up to reach her conclusion. “More and more, our public interactions have become like arguing with a spouse” (Tannen 404). Many can relate to th... ... middle of paper ... ...e. With a combination of rhetorical devices Tannen convinced the audience she was trying to reach, America. Tannen explained her topic with the simplest of terms to inform the audience, then she logically persuaded us why we should fix the culture. “We need to use our imaginations and ingenuity to find different ways to seek truth and gain knowledge through intellectual interchange, and add them to our arsenal-or, should I say, to the ingredients for our stew” (Tannen 407). Tannen used her own imagination to structure this article to shed light on the issues of our culture. Through credible sources and detailed evidence Tannen persuaded the audience to make change in our nation. Tannen succeeded in informing and shaping our nation’s mind on the topic of “The Argument Culture.” Tannen leaves the reader wondering how they can change the world of “absolutes” we live in.

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