The Argument Against Animal Experimentation

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I believe that animal experimentation is justified when adequate alternatives are not available. Firstly, human beings are worth more than animals. This is justified because if people can choose to value certain animals over other animals, then people should be able to value their own species over other species. Secondly, the pleasure that comes out of animal experimentation outweighs the pain that the animals go through. When there are no adequate alternatives to animal testing, animal testing is the only logical way to test drugs. On the other hand, if there is an alternative that is proven to work and does not involve testing on animals, then that is obviously the way to go. It is unethical to use an animal for experimentation if there is…show more content…
This was one of Peter Singer’s main arguments against animal experimentation in his book “Animal Liberation.” Singer mentioned he is a hedonistic utilitarian. A hedonistic utilitarian is someone who believes the choice that causes the most pleasure and least pain is the most ethical choice to make. This is ironic because assuming there are no alternatives to animal testing, animal testing is the option which causes the most pleasure and least pain. Yes, there may be casualties while doing the experiments on animals, but without these experiments, it will be immensely more difficult to finding cures to diseases. Without cures to deadly diseases, the whole world has a risk of dying; therefore, the pleasure outweighs the pain. The pain that the animals suffer is a necessary cruelty for the welfare of the whole world. An example of this would be finding the cure for smallpox. If researchers didn’t find the cure for smallpox because they feared experimenting on animals, most of the world will have smallpox by now (Meseda). The possible effective drugs that come out of an animal experimentation is worth the risk. Plus the drug being tested would first go through a background check to see if it is predicted to work. Researchers are not allowed to give a drug to an animal based on a
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