The Archetype of The Prostitute With a Heart of Gold

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The Archetype of The Prostitute With a Heart of Gold I chose the archetype “The prostitute with a heart of gold”. An archetype is defined as a universal idea that can take many forms, appearing “spontaneously, at any time, at any place, and without any outside influence” (Pygmalion’s Word Play, Carl Jung, p. 82). When present in the unconscious, an archetype shapes thoughts, feelings, moods, speech, and actions. The ‘prostitute with a heart of gold’ originated in early Greek mythology as the story of Pygmalion. Next, a more modern version called My Fair Lady was written and performed in the 1950’s. Then in the 1980’s the movie Pretty Woman came out, which has the same story line as the other two, although it is a lot more modernized and the theme of a ‘prostitute with a heart of gold’ is much more evident than in of its predecessors. Although ‘the oldest profession’ was just as large a factor in society in 1912 when George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion play was released as it is today, it was talked about much less freely and the idea of reforming street girl was not as feasible as it is today. “My Fair Lady” was one of the first versions of a poor street girl metamorphasizing into an elegant, proper lady. Pretty Woman can closely trace its roots back to “My Fair Lady,” because both women reform to a better life that they never dreamed was possible, the most striking difference being that Pretty Woman is a more modernized version and the evidence of prostitution is much more evident. In the story of Pygmalion, he wanted a wife, yet he saw too much corruption in women and always doubted their true motives. He was a very talented sculptor, and one day he began sculpting an ivory maiden statue. No woman wa... ... middle of paper ... ...and Richard Gere all each take the risk of helping these women, and society could view them negatively for their involvement with the lower class. Eliza and Julia take a big risk in being stepped on and being ridiculed lower than they already are compared to the men’s lifestyles. They are archetypal heroes because they have strong character and are willing to change. These women have the confidence and ability to change and this shows society that again, anything is possible. The only downfall was the verbal abuse both women took from the elite class, as they were learning to adapt. High society doesn’t appreciate or care for prostitutes, but for everyone to be fooled and convinced of this new woman shows their absurdity. A person has a heart of gold regardless of their status even if it is not evident to the naked eye. Bibliography:

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