The Arab Spring Protests

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The Arab Spring was a series of uprisings and protests all around the Middle East in 2011. These uprisings were attempting to eliminate or reform their current government system into one that was modern and democratically advanced (Stock). Yemen is one of the many countries who also decided that they needed this change. In 1978, North Yemen elected their president Ali Abdullah Saleh. Saleh took the position as president so that once and for all there could be unity between the two states, north and south Yemen. In 1999 he was able to successfully achieve that unity by bringing together the two states to form the Republic of Yemen. He seemed very eager to embark his new journey as president, however, he ended up using this power to help him eliminate any type of opposition. He manipulated the government and his own people for his own purposes. The result of Saleh’s unethical methods resulted in thousands of unhappy citizens who peacefully protested for the resignation of Saleh. However, Saleh saw this as a threat and instantly started to use cruel and inhumane tactics to halt these protests. He even brought al-Qaeda into Yemen to help him achieve this. The main cause of the Arab Spring upheaval in Yemen was the inability of the president to carry out a unified country and effective government, which eventually led to a significant number of political protests.
Ali Abdullah Saleh was an oppressive president who based his rule solely on tactics that would only benefit him. He came into power in 1999 when he was reelected as president of the Republic of Yemen. However before he was elected, he gave the people a false expectation that seemed as though all he wanted for the country was peace and unity. He won the election because there...

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...ming him.
President Saleh was the primary cause to the uprisings in Yemen. His inability to be a successful leader and the use of his harsh and brutal methods are what ultimately caused him resign. His unwillingness to accept change and his determination to achieve absolute power is what caused the people of Yemen to turn against him. Also his alliance with al-Qaeda attested that he was only looking out for himself, not the country. Although the people of Yemen went through a significant number of protests and were successfully able to get Saleh to step down, Yemen still hasn’t been able to achieve their primary goal of a modern democratic state, and it still remains one of the poorest countries in the Middle East. Yemen is only at the half way point in possibly achieving this, however it’s going to much more then peaceful protest to do so.

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