The Arab Spring

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Democracy- hungry Tunisians began the revolutionary wave of demonstrations and clashes in protest of ill treatment and corruption, beginning a revolutionary wave of protests known as the Arab Spring. The severity of repression in Tunisia was the underlying cause of the Arab spring. Self-immolation, and mass protests mobilized resulted in the overthrow of regime. Major governmental changes and swift reforms were made. The transition to democracy began. Tunisian protests had influenced other countries (with the same major goal of ousting authoritarian regime) and spread to the rest of Arab world through media. Demonstrations in Tunisia were preceded by repression: high unemployment, food inflation, corruption, lack of freedom of speech and other forms of political and poor living conditions. For example, Tunisia was ranked 184 out of 196 for the least amount of freedom of press. News media could not report about events freely; the government had tight control over the press, radio, and television; and rebroadcasting of foreign programming was restricted. Journalists were threatened with banned newspapers, arrested and even put to jail. Human rights violations were allegedly perpetrated by Tunisia security forces, and many faced police brutality. The fight against terrorism was used by the government as a defense to crack down on legitimate political activities. Political prisoners reportedly suffered discrimination and harsh treatment, while others even opted for hunger strike in protest to ill-treatment by prison guards. Repression severely tested the populations’ limit beyond their bursting point; frustration was sky-high. If a government takes away the hopes of the people and suppress them, they will revolt. The pro... ... middle of paper ... ...,8599,2097589.00.html> Samti, Farah. “Tunisia hosts a UN Conference on Democratic Changes after the ArabSprnig.” Tunisia live.30NOV.2011. 5 Dec .2011 Walker.Christopher and Tucker, Vanessa. “Tunisia: The Arab Spring’s Pivotal Democratic Example.” Freedom House.20 Oct. 2011. 5 Dec.2011 Unknown. “ The Arab Spring in Tunisia.” BLOGspot.2 Dec. 2011. 4 Dec. 2011 Unknown. “Tunisia forms national unity government amid unrest.” BBC News. 17 Jan. 2011. 5 Dec. 2011 Howard, Philip. “Arab Spring’s cascading Effects.” Miller-McCune. 23 Feb. 2011. 5 Dec. 2011

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