The Arab American Community Development

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The Arab American community The Arab American community has a population of about 1.8 million Arab descendants or immigrants that has been residing in the US since 1980, they are coming from different parts of the Middle east such as Sudan,Syria,Irak, Morroco, Jordania, Palestine, Somalia, Egypt and Lebano. They begin to arrive to Michigan Detroit after 1967, today day is a huge the Arabic American is a huge community in that area of Michigan, They tend to maintain their culture and characterized for been a unite community. They are financial support each other through community and religious organizations, they shared their resources with other family or community members, here in in the Middle East as well, helping their relatives that’s stays in their country to buy land and build houses and stablishing agricultural business . The Arabic community tends to naturalized as American Citizens, they getting involved in the political activity what make them one of the cultures that enhance in the assimilation process. In this community they have more males than women and they ages range between 20 to 49 years old. Now days the higher amount of Arab Americans across the country I are located in metropolitan areas like Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, DC and Northeast New Jersey. They are religious diverse Muslim, Orthodox Christian, Melkite Catholic and Protestant; this community also tends to live closed to one another. In conclusion this community is highly educated, believe in married and less likely to be divorced, they assimilated the American cultures but never forget her own tradition, cultures and beliefs. The own they owns business and houses in comparison with the national average. This community tends to be st... ... middle of paper ... ...cks was moving from generation to generation until the act of civil rights Act of 1964. In conclusion ,even though the slaves period no longer exist and there laws that protect people from racial discrimination, still happen, Blacks are considered inferior due to been poor, powerless, people also tend to move from neighborhoods were there more black people in the areas, due to fear of higher crimes which is also stereotypes . The Black communities today has growing in socioeconomic status and have the same opportunity as any other race in the United States, children are allow to received education and are able to socialize normally with the rest of the society. In addition, this community has the opportunity to participate in the US political system of the point of having a representation in the white house with the first African American president Mr. Barack Obama.

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