The Application of Knowledge Management in Process Performance in an Organization

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This paper discover about application of knowledge management in process performance in organization. An experience of applying technology of appropriate results in improving operational management is important. In order to measure the success of process performance consistently, the organization have to use different features in each knowledge management presentation. They have to change the practices to be more responsive so some improvements of the process are require, which focus on quality, time, speed, reliability and reducing the production cost. The idea of managing trade-off between time, quality, flexibility and cost is challenging and not suggest to be applying for new practices in the process. Two influences make process shift from operational to organizational level. It consist of total quality management (TQM) that include strategic processes supporting the operational and business process re-engineering (BPR) that brought process of flow (people and information) and organizations from the material and manufacturing supply chain into other domains. However, there are some problem arise with business process management consist of insignificant amount of organization that still functions in the traditional sense and become completely process-based, fail to characterize the business process as difficult to describe and problems occur in management control part (Prichard cited in Armistead, 1999). In addition, in terms of knowledge-based process, knowledge and organizational learning are define as aired (Leonard and Straus, 1997; Leonard- Barton, 1995), and measurement of knowledge as intellectual property or assets is advocate as an important component of management control systems for future organizations (Edvinsson ... ... middle of paper ... ... organization. The author addresses this article to any organization that applies knowledge management process in managing their activities, as the issue nowadays became an interesting issue. The information appears to be valid and well researched, as the relevancies of each knowledge management process have discussed and presented clearly. This study covered on the area of knowledge management at the middle stage, so organizations that take knowledge management as an important aspect in managing their activities can take note of this study. Works Cited Armistead, C. (1999). Knowledge management and process performance. Journal of Knowledge Management, 3 (2), 143-154. Retrieved February 19, 2010, from:

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