The Applicability Of Virtue Ethics

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In this paper, I argue about the applicability of virtue ethics which is one of three major branches of normative ethics. The subject of virtue ethics is normally defined as one that puts emphasis on virtues which are also known as moral character. The branch is in contrast to the majority of the approaches which places a lot of emphasizes on responsibilities and rules. The practice is also known as deontology or the practice which emphasizes on the results of actions. It is also known as consequentialism (Swanton, 11).The way virtue ethics is applied in modern philosophy should be clearly evaluated. The virtue ethics theory borrows a lot of its inspiration from Aristotle who was quick to declare that for one to be named as virtuous, he or…show more content…
The objections have mainly been around self-centeredness. This particular understanding about comes up because human behavior has for a long time been viewed as a means to an end. The same principle fails to sufficiently consider up to what extent our actions have an effect on other people especially those surrounding us. The understanding of virtue ethics fails to give guidance about the way people are supposed to act. Ordinarily, there are no definite principles used to guide people 's action except using the phrase "acting like a virtuous person helps to act in any given situation." Additionally, the innate ability to install and have the right a virtue is most of the times affected different factors with some being beyond an individual 's control (Nussbaum, 201). The factors are family, education, society, and friends. In case the moral character is wholly reliant on luck then one is left wondering the role left for necessary praise and personal blame. The application of virtue ethics in judgment, moral character and other areas rises above what is commonly applied. In today’s philosophical fields, there are various critical reviews which are all focused on the three areas of virtue ethics. The applicability is therefore, important as far as moral character is concerned. Virtue ethics in spite of objection remains to have a lot of application in the current world moral judgment
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