The Apostles Creed

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As Christians, we have many beliefs that shape the way we live and view life. Doctrine explains the core beliefs of the Christian life. Christian beliefs are also expressed through the Apostles Creed, which is a creedal summary of the Holy Bible. Through the Apostles Creed, we see that Christians believe in the doctrine of revelation from God, the Holy nature and attributes of God, and the unique doctrine of the Trinity. The core beliefs of Christianity provide a foundation to stand firm and a direction in which to run.
As Christians we believe theology is the study of the the things of God, and doctrine is the set of beliefs taught by the church or another group. Both theology and doctrine are essential to set a foundation for Christian beliefs.
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Creeds enable the least and most educated believers to state what they believe. The Apostles Creed, which is fully scripture based, summarizes Genesis 1 through Revelation 22. This Creed has been read for many centuries as a way to confess faith. The Apostles Creed is also a channel of grace in order to form and shape many Christians lives. It helps us discern the truth and set a base of beliefs. Because of these things, Christians are able to use the Apostles Creed to better understand theology and…show more content…
The nature of God is a very complex concept and Christians will not fully understand it until consummation with Christ. As Christians we believe God is defined as one God in three persons, also known as one Divine Nature in three persons. Both of these definitions express that God is a triune God. Other attributes of God include His omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience and simplicity. Omnipotence means to have all power. Omnipresence means to fill all time and space. Omniscience means to know absolutely everything and to know all possibilities. Lastly, the attribute of simplicity means to be one in nature, without parts. All of these attributes at their core are attributes of God that are irrefutable. Yet many Christians will vary on their beliefs of minor details concerning each attribute. All of these attributes which represent God are separately distinguishable, yet all are inseparable. As Christians we believe God is who He is and He will always be who He
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