The Apology

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No one should be sentenced to do jail time or sentenced to death for freedom of speech or freedom of thought. In the Apology of Socrates this is exactly what happened, a man was sentenced to death because of freedom of thought and expansion of the mind. Let’s first clarify the word Apology. Apology does not mean to apologize for one’s action, in Greek it is based on the meaning of the Greek word apologia which means speaking in defense of a cause or ones beliefs or actions (Asscher, S., & Widger, D.(2013).

In the Apology of Socrates, Socrates was condemned to his death because he opposed the views of the government, not respecting the gods and corrupting the morals of the youth. Socrates starts defends himself with the declaration that he would speak the truth, Socrates divided the accusers into two groups, the new accuser’s and the old accusers, showing no regret knowing that he was not guilty of the charges brought against him, questioned the accusers of their own actions and states that he only speaks the truth and that his name is being slandered by Meletus. Socrates addresses t...
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