The Antthropocene: How Humans Affected The Earth

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Imagine living along a bright and sunny beach where there are tourists coming and going every day to enjoy the ocean waves and the wonderful sand. Many years later you come to realize that the sandy beach is submerged underwater with no sign of tourists and a possibility of that water flooding into your home. Although this scenario is quite the stretch, it results in the concept of sea level encroachment. One may consider what may be the cause of the rise in sea level? The concluding answer itself is us human beings, more specifically the term “Anthropocene.” The Anthropocene is ultimately how human actions cause such negative influence and damage to our environment leading to global climate change. Through evidence from multiple articles we…show more content…
According to the article, “Generation Anthropocene: How Humans Have Altered the Planet Forever,” the term “Anthropocene” is introduced in the Oxford Dictionary within June 2014-2015. This may be due to the fact that the recognition of human actions towards the environment is evident from all climatic issues based on global climate change. Depending on circumstances, the earth can be at frigid or at sweltering temperatures. These conditions can be human induced or naturally caused, but from research and analysis majority of the global climate change in the past are due to human urbanisation and the pollutants we release in the earth's atmosphere. For example, the amount of fossil fuels we burn (especially oil and coal) will create more greenhouse gases thus leading…show more content…
As a society we must understand the social and cultural consequences of this impact and reasons why it may be too late for a change on a global scale. The earth is a large mixing bowl of a variety of culture and different lifestyle. This being said, the way people live in certain conditions contribute to the global issue of climate change. Forinstance, through analyzing the country India as the world’s second largest populated country with over 1.3 billion people. This densely populated country integrated with regional poverty contributes to a number of cultural and societal issues that affect the environment. Furthermore, we see India being one of the leading air polluted country due to the amount of illegal dumping, carbon emissions, and overall not caring for the environment. Although many non governmental organizations are taking action to fight climate change, due to these social and cultural inability to attempt to rid or resolve the growing anthropocenic issue is out of reach to the extent of great future consequences such as the rising sea-level problem amongst many
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