The Animal Experiment: The Dangers Of Animal Testing

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The Humane Society has stated that many animals undergo immensely painful tests, such as: the deprivation of necessities, forced feeding, the infliction of burns and chemicals, physical restraint, neck breaking, and decapitation (Animal Testing). Animal experiments have been used for centuries to test personal products, cleaning tools, food, chemicals, and drugs (Animal Experimentation Driscoll and Finley). Contrary to popular belief, many of today’s experiments are unsupervised, leaving the animals subjected to torturous, cruel, and useless studies (Animal Testing). In addition to the cruel studies, the animals are occasionally abused and placed in stressful environments. The cages are extremely small, and the animals could spend their entire…show more content…
These techniques and drugs cause a large amount of pain and suffering. For example, animals are exposed to radiation, fire, and even being shot with a gun (Woods 22). Many doctors and scientists are awarded for their findings, even if it was through animal cruelty. Dr. Levi-Montalcini won a Nobel Prize for the discovery of NGF (Nerve Growth Factor). She discovered this by attaching tumors to the bodies of unborn chickens and studying tumors on mice. Her discovery cost the life of many mice (18). One of the most controversial tests is the “LD50” test, where animals are used to test toxicity. The animals are given chemicals in several doses, the toxicity level increasing every time. When half the animals die, the lethal dose is 50%. This test is used because humans have LD50 in salt and nicotine (21). Like the LD50 test, animals must go through excruciating pain and harmful side effects while testing cosmetics. For instance, a company called Lash Lure wanted to test the chemical substance in mascara, so they created the Draize Eye Test. White rabbits are involved in these tests, where they are placed in boxes, held down by metal band so they cannot move. The chemical is dropped into the rabbit 's eye. Many rabbits go blind or get horrible infections. Some die. These rabbits are likely in unbearable pain (20). Although animals are supposed to…show more content…
They believe animal experimentation is the only choice available, but that is false. There are many options, such as human skin cells, computers, and in vitro. These alternatives are superior because they are just as efficient and will save the lives of millions of animals. Some scientists would prefer a living body system, but these systems are unlike the human body, and therefor not helpful in testing products. Countless believe that since experimentations are “watched” by the Animal Welfare Act, that all the animals are in steady, safe conditions (George and Wagner). But in fact, a slim amount of animals are protected, and many live in small, stressful housing their entire lives (Animal Testing). Furthermore, people believe that if the AWA is protecting these animals, no harmful and useless experiments will be performed. As the article “Point: Medical Experiments on Animals Are an Important Element of Drug Development,” states, “No legitimate medical or pharmaceutical researcher intentionally inflicts pain…” Although this is true, they are directing the reader away from the fact that many small companies are not watched by the AWA, and use harmful experiments. The author used the word “legitimate medical researcher” because these large companies can not afford to lose customers by testing on animals. People for animal testing may believe that animals are needed for the

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