The Ancient Nubian Pyramids

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The Nubians were an ancient civilizations of peoples who lived in the Nile region, neighboring the Egyptians. Ancient Nubia was located in what is modern Sudan. The Nubians continued to build their Pyramids five-hundred years after the Egyptians had built their last ones. There are around two-hundred and fifty five Pyramids at three separate sites in Nubia. The constructions were built over a period of a few hundred years. Just like the Egyptian pyramids, the Nubian versions are the tombs of countless kings and queens of Napata and Meroe. There are over twice the number of Nubian Pyramids compared to the Egyptian sites.


Some of the first pyramid tombs were for King Kashta and Piankhi, Kashta 's son, at el-Kurru. Also at that site, the inheritors of Piankhi are there as well. There names are as follows: Shabaka, Shabataka, and Tanwetamani. There are also several pyramid tombs for several queens. Of the queens buried at their tombs, some of them were warriors. Another site of Nubian pyramids are at a site called Nuri. Buried there are approximately fifty queens and two dozen kings. The most historic and biggest pyramid at this particular site was the twenty-fifth
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There were multiple kings and queens put to their final resting places during the Meroitic Period. At Meroe, there are forty generations of the Nubian royal family. Every Nubian who was part of the ruling family has his or her own tomb erected here. In the South cemetery, six queens and thirty queens are buried there. A few of those kings are Arikakaman, Kaltaly, and Yesruwaman. As with the ancient Egyptian pyramids, the Nubian tombs were ransacked long before modern thieves could get to most of the items. Modern archeologists know the contents of the tombs in the ancient times, due to paintings an murals on the wall. Thankfully, the tombs of larger size sill have the ancient remains of the mummified
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