The Ancient Egyptian Culture

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Lawrence Cunningham, co-author of A Survey of the Humanities with John J. Reich, remarks “Despite its long history, the most striking feature of Egyptian culture is its unity and consistency” (19). He puts the idea very succinctly, as over the course of nearly five and a half centuries, the Egyptian style of art and literature we recognize in our museums and pop culture today remained largely unchanged throughout the majority of its duration. The Ancient Egyptian civilization emerged in an incredibly prosperous terrain, which made it possible to create a thriving cultural society with influences that we still feel today; however, because of their lack of natural chaos and adjustment, the Egyptians would remain almost exclusively in a balance…show more content…
As previously stated, the Ancient Egyptians stood unique in their time, as they recorded nearly every aspect of their daily lives, even the most mundane aspects beyond the reigning Pharaoh or details of the afterlife (Detrick “Egypt Notes”). It is because of this influx of the written word that we are able to track some of the Egyptians’ monumental accomplishments of their day. For instance, the Ancient Egyptians practiced excellent hygiene for their time, formulating the first recorded instances of toothpaste and deodorant. Because of the arid climate surrounding the Nile River, this attention to detail and self-care makes natural sense, as the Denizens of Egypt would need to take care not to contract diseases from the very river their society depended upon to survive. Beyond hygiene alone, Egypt’s atmosphere of culture and excellence fostered great strides in medicine and surgery, including the first documented brain surgeries and lobotomies. In addition, the Ancient Egyptians can also be credited with some of our oldest instances of recorded medicine, as S.E. Batts, author of “10 Ways Ancient Egyptians Influenced Modern Life” explains, “It’s unique, as it’s the first historical medical description that does not rely on supernatural or magical forces to treat the wounds, making it scientifically sound” (Batts, “10 Ways Ancient Egyptians Influenced Modern Life”). These very basic first steps into studying the vast academia of medicine have given modern physicians a step from which to base more discoveries from, and the framework these accounts have laid provides support for modern medicine
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