The Anatomy Of Auschwitz Death Camp, By Irma Grese

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Then with no more thought than she put into what to have for dinner she sentenced countless women to die in the gas chambers. The captives stood in the freezing cold or blistering heat, in mud and muck for hours at a time waiting to see who would be chosen to die at each selection. In Anatomy of Auschwitz Death Camp, Danuta Czech stated, “The highest number of such deaths was in February 1943, when 25.5 percent of all Auschwitz inmates died or were put to death.” Irma Grese and Dr. Josef Mengele many times made these selections together. Alice Kahana remembered, “When the two of them appeared, it was terror and fear. I was…always meant death.” Those who made it into the camp with family members lived in constant fear of their loved ones…show more content…
Perhaps, rape has no gender since it is based on control and rage. Isabella Leitner, another victim of the Holocaust, simply states, “Bisexual. It is said that Chicha appeals to her.” Leitner’s sister, Chicha, had the unfortunate luck to be noticed by Irma Grese. Grese tortured her throughout her time at the camp, though not sexually. Irma Grese never provided a relationship or love to any of the prisoners in the camp. She used sex to exert her control over the inmates. The Nazi indoctrination of Irma Grese cannot be blamed for these heinous sexual acts. Irma Grese likely would have been reprimanded for any type of fraternization with Jews and other inmates. This simply means that these malicious sexual exploits occurred due to her sadistic lechery. Mailänder states, “The concentration camp was not so much a fixed, static institution …At every level female and male SS guards had a margin of maneuver in how they interpreted and enacted rules and instructions, and they frequently used it.” While the Nazi organization did not approve of their guards being involved with their prisoners sexually, they did reward them for the cruel treatment of the people in their

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