The Analogy Of Starting A Movie, At The Halfway Point

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Jim Lynn uses the analogy of starting a movie, at the halfway point. You do not know the main characters, plot, or events that have taken place. Who are the good guys and the bad guys. God has given us the Bible, which tells the complete story of creation from the beginning to the end. “Of all of God’s creation, man is His most prized and believed possession. For, in creating humankind, God endowed man with His own image and likeness (Genesis 1:26).” (p. 42) Through Jesus, we see the image of God in action. Jesus took on the body of human flesh and allowed the Father to manifest through Him on earth so we could see the divine image and likeness of God. No matter what the world throws at us to distract us, we must not forget our heritage. What You Are The world would have us believe we evolved from the slime pits of the far distant past, rather than the true image of God. He created us spirit, soul, and body, all dwelling together to form a complete human being. “Our very being depends on possessing all three, for without our body, spirit, and soul dwelling together, we no longer exist as humans.” (p. 45) The Law of Sin and Death Through the fall, man lost his God given dignity, honor, and glory. He became subject to a creature he was never intended to interact with, Satan. Man became subject to the law of sin and death. No man is free from sin (Romans 3:23). All the good deeds in the world will not erase the sin we are born into. God will pronounce judgement and only those who have accepted God’s remedy for sin through Jesus will escape the penalty. “This is what the suffering death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is all about.” (p. 47) God sent Jesus to be the perfect sacrifice for our sin, to overcome the penalty of ... ... middle of paper ... ...he spread of Christianity. “The greatest hindrance is the whisper of Satan who has gotten into our head telling is God no longer heals the way we read in the Bible.” (p. 54) Satan has filled our minds with the lies of incurable diseases. God said He is our healer, the Great Physician, The I AM. We look more to our problems and the world’s medical expertise and taking our eyes from the Word of God forsake God as the Healer. We have “cancelled Him out as Yehovah-rapha.” (p. 54) “In many churches today sickness is viewed as a matter for the world, and salvation as a matter for the Church. Many Christians no longer bother to consult with god about their maladies; they simply go to the nearest doctor.” (p. 55) In closing, the author reminds us to keep our eyes on the Healer and step out of the boat. Professing faith and exercising faith is where the rubber meets the road.

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