The Amount Of School Work

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I identified that the amount of school work I was trying to accomplish in a single day and my big move from Canada to Long Beach were my stressors (Ch 3, Pg 84). They were the external stimuli that triggered my response of stress. The move from Canada to the United States was a definite life change (Ch 3, Pg 85) for me, I had to readjust many aspects of my normal life from back home to adapt to living in southern California. I come from a friendly suburb that I have lived in almost my entire life, and I was used to seeing people that I knew almost everywhere I went. I had easy access to my best friends because I went to the same school as them. I grew up in a culture that worshipped winter, hockey, and the unofficial national coffee shop of Canada, Tim Hortons. I moved to Long Beach, where I did not know anyone, I was unfamiliar with my surroundings, my best friends are on the other side of the continent, and I struggled to find common ground for getting into conversations with other people. I felt somewhat isolated and unsure of myself in such a foreign environment. I started familiarizing myself with the area, and it made it easy for me to jump into conversations and not be entirely lost as to which theme park or certain area of Los Angeles people were talking about, I made friends with people who talked to me about what it is like to live in California and what the locals do here. By trying to absorb California culture, I have become more accustomed to living in Long Beach and do not feel as isolated about living here than I once did. A particular reason as to why I was very stressed with completing school work was because I had tried to deal with my stress with problem-focused coping (Ch 3, Pg 100), I was seeking to immed... ... middle of paper ... ...side from getting more sleep and having more time to enjoy myself, I often link my source of happiness over the past few weeks to spending my weekends at my mom’s house. Spending time at my mom’s gave me a sense of home and warmth that I have not quite experienced yet here living at the dorms. It feels good to be in an environment where I can fully be at ease and I do not feel that when I am at the dorms, I have a roommate to be considerate of and being around my mom puts me in a lighter mood. Having a short respite from living on campus and staying the weekends at an at home environment has allowed me to draw happiness in my environment despite my demanding schedule. I believe that with my continued optimism (Ch 3, Pg 103), hopefulness and confidence to see the good in all things and situations, I can continue to succeed and further flourish here at the university.

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