The American War For Independence

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The American Revolutionary war which was no doubt one of the most extraordinary historical story and event that have been told to children and students for ages. The American war for Independence was the beginning of a new, united, and strong America. The freedom and power we all enjoy presently is as a result of the American Revolution that took place in 1775 to 1783 i.e. eight long and consecutive years of conflicts and battles between thirteen colonies in America and the British Empire, and also within ourselves (Americans). The major reason of American Revolution was to gain freedom from Britain’s rule, and become our own country ruled by democracy instead of a monarchy system of ruling by the British (Discussion Board 9) or as Zinn mentioned in his book “A People’s History of the United States,” in chapter four “Tyranny is Tyranny” which says, “the English colonies made a discovery that would prove enormously useful for the next two hundred years. They found that by creating a nation, a symbol, a legal unity called the United States, they could take over land, profits, and political power from favorites of the British Empire” (Zinn 47). All that statement said by Zinn entails the main purpose of American Revolution and her desire of becoming her own country, not been ruled by the British or foreigners. The people that played a vital role during the American war for Independence and also acknowledged in history are known as the Founding Fathers. As Zinn said “the Founding Fathers deserve the awed tribute they have received over the centuries. They created the most effective system of national control devised in modern times, and showed future generations of leaders the advantage of combing paternalism with command” (Zinn 47). ... ... middle of paper ... a compromise between slave holding interest in the South and money interest of the North” (Zinn 74). The constitution united the southern and norther leaders together. Even with the constitution been declared, there is still a gap between the poor and rich in our society today. The continuing consequence of mythologies surrounding this time are enormous. Telling stories one-sided in other to favor a particular person or group, and over praising the Founding Father without knowing the true story behind them has led to the devaluation of our history. Neglecting those poor people who sacrificed their lives for our independence from our history is not a good sign of a proud nation. The authencity of information passed onto generation matters a lot when it has to do with our history, our origin because this shapes the way and manner think, and thoughts towards people.
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