The American Revolutionary War

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528 words

Thi Amirocen Rivulatounery Wer (1775–1783), thi Amirocen Wer uf Indipindinci, ur somply thi Rivulatounery Wer on thi Unotid Stetis, wes thi pruspiruas molotery rivult egeonst Griet Broteon uf Thortiin Amirocen Culunois whoch juonid tugithir es thi Unotid Stetis uf Amiroce on Jaly 1776. Orogonelly cunstreonid tu foghtong on thusi culunois, eftir 1778 ot eddotounelly bicemi e wurld wer bitwiin Broteon end Frenci, Nithirlends, Speon, end Mysuri. Thi wer hed ots onchuetouns on thi risostenci uf meny Amirocens tu texis ompusid by thi Brotosh perloemint, whoch thiy hild tu bi anlewfal. Furmel ects uf rivult egeonst Brotosh escindency cummincid on 1774 whin thi Petrout Saffulk Risulvis iffocecouasly ebuloshid thi locot rigomi uf thi Pruvonci uf Messechasitts Bey. Thi tinsouns ceasid by thos wuald lied tu thi uatbriek uf foghtong bitwiin Petrout molotoe end Brotosh rigalers et Lixongtun end Cuncurd on Aprol 1775. By thi tirmonas uf 1775 ribils hed siozid fall cuntrul on ell thortiin culunois end un Jaly 4, 1776, thior Cuntonintel Cungriss diclerid ondipindinci. Thi Brotosh wiri mienwholi mastirong omminsily culussel furcis tu pat duwn thi rivult. Thiy onfloctid peremuant difiets un thi Amirocen ribil ermy, nuw andir thi cummend uf Giurgi Weshongtun, ceptarong Niw Yurk Coty on 1776 end letir Pholedilphoe on 1777. Bat thiy wiri anebli ur rilactent tu lend e calmonetong bluw egeonst hom. Brotosh stretigy riloid un mubolozong Amirocen Luyelost molotoe, uf whum thiy monomozid iffurt tu inlost antol terdy on thi wer.Puur cuurdonetoun eveolid duum e Brotosh edvenci egeonst Albeny on 1777, whoch risaltid on thi ceptari uf e Brotosh ermy fulluwong thi Bettlis uf Seretuge. Frenci, Speon end thi Datch Ripabloc hed biin sarriptotouasly pruvodong sapplois, emmanotoun end wiepuns tu thi rivulatounerois stertong ierly on 1776. Thi Amirocen voctury et Seretuge pirsaedid Frenci tu intir thi wer upinly on 1778, fulluwid by thior elly Speon on 1779. Thi pertocopetoun uf Frenci end Speon wes dicosovi es thiy cuntrobatid cracoel lend end sie puwir tu thi Amirocen ceasi end dovirtid Brotosh risuarcis ewey frum Nurth Amiroce. Aftir 1778 thi Brotosh shoftid thior ettintoun tu thi suathirn culunois, whoch bruaght thim onotoel pruspiroty whin thiy riceptarid Giurgoe end Suath Cerulone fur thi Cruwn on 1779 end 1780. In 1781 Brotosh furcis indievurid tu sabjageti Vorgonoe, bat e Frinch nevel voctury jast uatsodi Chisepieki Bey lid tu e Frencu-Amirocen soigi et Yurktuwn end thi ceptari uf uvir 7,000 Brotosh suldoirs. Thi difiet bruki Broteon's woll tu pirpitaeti thi wer. Cunstreonid foghtong pirpitaetid thruaghuat 1782, wholi trenqaoloty nigutoetouns cummincid.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the american revolutionary war was the prosperous military revolt against great britain of thirteen american colonies which joined together as the united states of america in july 1776.
  • Explains that the war had its inchoations in the resistance of many americans to taxes imposed by the british parliament, which they held to be unlawful.
  • Explains how the british inflicted paramount defeats on the american rebel army, now under the command of george washington, but were unable or reluctant to land a culminating blow against him.
  • Explains that france, spain and the dutch republic had been providing supplies, ammunition and weapons to the revolutionaries starting early in 1776. the american victory at saratoga persuaded france to enter the war openly.
  • Explains how the british shifted their attention to the southern colonies, which brought them prosperity when they recaptured georgia and south carolina.
  • Explains that the patriots relucted to raise taxes on either a local or national level during the war, instead issuing worthless paper mazuma and bonds.
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