The American Revolutionary War

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The American Revolutionary was only the middle of American History. The Revolutionary war began way before America’s major involvement when the British Government gained power. The war paved the way to the way we fight wars today due to the mistakes that the British made in their fight that eventually caused them to lose the war against the British Colonies. Many tax oppositions were made, many wars were fought, but in the end the British Colonies became the beginning of a new revolution that we now know as the United States of America.
Many did not know that the American revolutionary war stemmed from the wars that Great Britain fought in the mid 1760’s. The American Revolutionary War began in 1763 during the Great Britain and France War with the Indians which came to be known as the French and Indian War (Stefoff 2001). America’s involvement began formally in 1760 when the control of the maritime trade to the British American Colonies was under the rule of the British monarchy (Saidler 2012). Also the British American Colonies were taxed on all their goods and they were not able to have representation with the King for the taxes they had to pay.
The origins American Revolutionary War began in the mid to late 1600 and started with the French and Indian War and the Seven Years War between Great Britain and France. This laid the foundation for the war between America and Great Britain because the British won both the French and Indian War and the Seven Years War. The American Revolutionary War began due to the fact that the British rule was harsh of taxing the British Colonists.
Britain rule during this time was known as “Regulator” which the King would send people who first appeared to be patriots in as spies and reg...

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...lonies formed the United States of American on July 4, 1776. This defeat was in part to the British not being able to control and protect their supply lines during the war as well as the action of the Minute Men who were ready in a minutes notice to protect the colonies of the new America.

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