The American Revolutionary War

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The American Revolutionary War in 1775-1783 was a historic moment in American history as it signaled America’s stand for its freedom from the English monarchy and to retain the rights it has slowly developing upon their stay in the country. Many skirmishes and battles happened throughout the country and it may seem as if the Englishmen had the upper hand due to their superior naval and military capability that may help them win the war. It apparently did not help in this war as the colonists and the Native Americans managed to use their weaknesses against them and win the war and eventually their independence from the English rule. With their independence at hand and the British troops sent back, how exactly did this war go to this conclusion? How did the colonists manage to outsmart and outdo the more advanced and adept English troops in battle? The issue of territory is one of the advantages the colonists had against their English enemies. This issue has also been one of the key reasons why the English armies did not win in this war. Since English troops mostly sailed from the home land, they would only be familiar with the seas and waters in and outside the country. They may know little details regarding the country thanks to some navigational log and journals from explorers but this information may not be accurate considering the time it was written and when they would be arriving in the country. Britain was very well known to be very powerful in fighting over water back in the day and is still a force to be reckoned with. They are also quite adept to hand to hand and military combat but since they would mostly be at sea, they will not have enough time to scout the area to check for possible locations that may be open for th... ... middle of paper ... .... France had to leave in the middle of the fight because of economic problems. (Berkin, Miller and Cherny) No matter what the outcome of the revolutionary war had decided, it is still an event in history where the people start understanding the importance of their rights and learn the means on how they can protect their freedom. If the British would have won the war, America will be part of the Commonwealth countries and eventually gain independence from Britain in the latter part of the 19th century. America will still be a powerful nation but its position in the international community will not be as pronounced as it is today. But with their victory against a much powerful competitor and country, America not only proves that it is not right to judge a book by its cover, it also proves that as long as one keeps their will to fight, anything is quite possible.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the american revolutionary war signaled america's stand for freedom from the english monarchy and to retain the rights it has slowly developed upon their stay in the country.
  • Explains that the colonists and the natives were able to use america's vast territory to create ambush strikes and well-coordinated attacks.
  • Analyzes how the intolerable acts agitated the colonists and helped them gain independence from the monarchy.
  • Analyzes how the british economy was affected by the war effort in america. the king was left with a big debt and was considering adding more taxes to his people.
  • Explains that the colonists were able to win the war because they did not fight this battle alone. france, spain, and the dutch republic provided military assistance and backup to the revolutionaries.
  • Opines that the revolutionary war is still an event in history where the people start understanding the importance of their rights and learn the means on how they can protect their freedom.
  • Analyzes how king george iii's mistakes and ideals contributed to the loses of the country against the colonists.
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