The American Revolution, And Emerson's Theory Of Transcendentalism

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Transcendentalist were part of a movement called Transcendentalism which was created with ideas from philosophy, literature, and religion. This movement emerged and became favored in the nineteenth century in New England. Transcendentalism was a way to reformulate the idea of man and his position in the world in response to a new and changing society. The new movements the emerged during this time like the industrial revolution, the westward expansion, the starts of universities, immigration and urbanization made Boston seem unusual and full of chaos. Transcendentalism descended from reactions of the hardships of worships and the satisfying growth of mechanization in eighteenth century. With the success of both the American Revolution and the…show more content…
The concept behind transcendence was first established by Plato. Plato was convinced of the continuance of absolute goodness. He stated that transcendence could only be recognized through intuition rather than logic. Philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson used Plato 's other premise that the world is an assertion of nature to develop his theory of correlation. German philosopher Immanuel Kant was the first person to correlate that God and soul are transcendent. Being transcendental is having intrinsic principles that gives form to perceptions and makes different experiences…show more content…
For Ralph Waldo Emerson, this idea of a river was exceptionally metaphorical and he supported it throughout most of his works. "All rivers flow into the ocean." The real motive of life is the unity with the spirit. Emerson who was a poet, stated that his soul reproduced positively well with the formation and pattern of the body. To him, Jesus was not godly, but was only a human being who had arrived in total peace with the world that surrounded him. One’s own satisfaction and goodness depend on one’s self-realization, which then depended on the unity of communicative and expanding instincts. The self-transcending inclination is to be conscious and clasp human life. The self-asserting inclination is to remove one’s self and remain distinctive and apart. This concept was brought forward by Hegel 's theory that the motivation of life is the unity of opposites, like the egoistic and selfless
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