The American Nurses Association Code Of Ethics In Nursing

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For many centuries, physics, law, and divinity were considered “learned professions;” however, in the last two hundred centuries, the definition of “professional” has changed opening its doors to nursing (Black 2014). A part of a “profession” is having values that define the occupation as more than a job; values that all personal of that occupation share.
For the everyday nurse, these values are an intricate part of caring for a sick patient. Such values are: “preservation of wholeness of character and integrity” and “maintenance of competence” (American Nurses Association, 2015). The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements (2015) breaks “wholeness of character” into everyday values such as respect, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that physics, law, and divinity were considered "learned professions," but in the last two hundred centuries, the definition of "professional" has changed opening its doors to nursing.
  • Explains that the american nurses association code of ethics breaks "wholeness of character" into everyday values such as respect, compassion, and accurate care.
  • Narrates how alcohol was the only remedy to clear the mind of its running thoughts of happier times.
  • Explains that the previous nurse had given him the iv a few hours late. she expressed clearly on the mar what had occurred and to not give him his iv until 3 hours after his next scheduled dose.
  • Opines that nurses should develop confidence with patients and their families and enable a patient to be independent. nurses should not learn personal information not needed for accurate care.
  • Explains that being civil, ethical, and accountable for actions can strengthen the image of a nurse.
  • Explains that nurses' behavior is typed out in black and white by the american nurses association and the national council of the state boards of nursing. if a nurse follows these rules and takes nursing values to heart, their career should be long and successful.
  • Explains black, b. p., professional nursing: concepts & challenges, st. louis, mo: elsevier.
  • Explains the code of ethics for nurses with interpretive statements.
  • Explains that a nurse's guide to professional boundaries is published by the national council of state boards of nursing.

Expressing professionalism by being civil, being ethical, and by being accountable for actions can strength the image of a nurse. (Black, 2014). Being civil, or respectful to all, may seem easy but can be a challenge which nurses face every day. There will be people who push buttons or believe in things that are different; as a nurse though, one must treat these patients respectfully for all people deserve respect. By being ethical, one can strengthen his/her bounds with fellow coworkers and patients for these people will know they can trust the nurse to make good decisions and to act appropriately. Throughout his/her future career, the nurse will make mistakes that the nurse will want to hide out of fear of appearing undereducated. Hiding such mistakes that can be reversible, even small ones, could harm a patient or just hurt the nurse’s image to other medical staff and other patients. By being accountable, other medical staff see that the nurse’s thoughts are patient centered and will have better respect for that nurse as a fellow coworker. By being civil, ethical, and accountable, a nurse can maintain professionalism throughout the span of the

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