The American Media's Ability to Mislead Society's Fears

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The American Media's Ability to Mislead Society's Fears Why are so many fears profuse in today’s society, and so many of them unproven? People are so easily persuaded by media that they are vicarious in their thoughts. People can’t conform to the fact or truth in a situation because media has played such a vast role in humanity. I have chosen the chapter on Monster Moms. In the following paragraphs I will show how easily mankind is influenced by these means of misleading media in correlation to the text on Monster Moms. On countless occasions in the past, well-known liberals including Jesse Jackson, Joyceln Elders, and Daniel Patrick Moynihan and conservatives such as Dan Quayle and Bill Bennett all blamed teen moms for “destroying civilization.” Journalists referred to young motherhood as a “cancer” and forewarned that they “breed criminals faster than society can jail them.” Stephen Caldas, a policy analyst, wrote in an educational research journal that, “the lower the education levels of mothers who began childbearing as teenagers translates into lower work force productivity and diminished wages, resulting in a weaker, less competitive economy.” Basically he was saying that you could hold teen moms responsible for America’s decreasing position in the world economy. I disagree along with the author of The Culture Of Fear, by Barry Glassner. These allegations are absurd. Women do not have the capacity to destroy America. Teen moms are not responsibly for the decline in America’s position in the world economy but the decline in America’s position in the world economy is responsibly for teen pregnancy. Children who are enrolled in poor schooling do not have the opportunity to acquire a respectable, high-cla... ... middle of paper ... ...hild abuse had increased by only two hundred during the seven-year period. The number of deaths in 1986 as a result from child abuse was 1,014 and in 1993 there were 1,216 deaths. If the number of children who had been abused supposedly quadruped then the deaths should have also increased by a significantly large number as well. Shalala’s study also states that there was a “skyrocketing” increase in child abuse when in reality it is only mere expectations of abuse. “Fear mongers have knocked the optimism out of us by stuffing us full of negative presumptions about our fellow citizens and social institutions.” We waste billions of dollars on mythical hazards like road rage and on technology to make airline travel-which is already safer than other means of transportation-still safer. We as a society must work together and not be so easily persuaded by media.

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