The American Manifest Destiny

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The American ideal of “Manifest Destiny” towards the Ohio country created; altercations among native tribes living on their ancestral lands and the colonial people in search for the new found acreage, a defeat for the United States, and terrible consequences for the Native Americans in colonial path. The small battle (St. Clair’s Defeat), “only involving a few thousand people and lasted less than three hours,” was a tremendous triumph the Native Americans had, on any account, and correspondingly the most detrimental military catastrophe the United States had endured. The United states did not believe the Indians had the intellectual power to be “fielding a multinational army, executing a carefully coordinated battle plan worked out by their…show more content…
The US government already took the land even though they lost St. Clair’s battle. Most westerners had already settled in Indian lands and looked for assistance from the federal government to defeat or remove the Native tribes. Many sought to the new land as a new economic beginning for agriculture. Although the Indian victory was a diplomatic achievement by holding together an alliance between various Indian tribes for the critical time, Natives couldn’t do anything about the expansion of the colonials. “American victory in Indian wars in the Ohio country seems inevitable” The annihilation of St. Claire’s army confirmed settlers fears and so they escalated the burden on congress to institute its power in the West. The Indian victory was temporary, but losing the war meant they also lost the life’s in a way. Their ancestral lands were what signified their being. “Three years later the federal government and its new army responded the prayers of Westerners by defeating the Indians and taking title to most of Ohio.” The called upon a treaty among the settlers and the Native Americans was evident. The chief signed the treaty to “wisely bury the hatchet forever” Many Indians suspected Americans of poisoning their leaders. The Indian confederacy that had collapsed St. Claire’s army conclusively tattered into bitter discontent and blame. Although the rivalry had concluded, “the federal
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