The American Indian Movement

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The American Indian Movement is an organization in the United States that attempts to bring attention to the injustice and unfair treatment of American Indians. Aside from that, the AIM works for better protection and care for the American Indians and their families. They have been changing the American perception of Indians since the late 1960’s, as well as aiding our awareness of their existence.

The AIM was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Dennis Banks and Clyde Bellecourt, mainly to stop the police brutality and other violence going on within the Indian communities. In the 1950’s the United States government had decided to establish a policy that included taking all the land they had given to Native Americans back. This would cause the relocation of thousands and thousands of Native Americans. In fact, crimes arose through urban and civilian areas because of Native Americans. During the summer in 1969, 200 people had met to discuss all the problems occurring with the Native Americans. Including police brutality towards Indian tribes throughout the United States, and unemployment. The AIM also made sure they brought attention to the problems occurring. They got the attention they wanted, and the events that they organized were meant to bring empathy or sympathy to the people that had heard or seen them. For example, many Indians traveled to Alcatraz after 1970 to gain even more attention. Creating “fish ins” and protesting legal restrictions of fishing rights in the Pacific Northwest, and making their stay in Alcatraz last up to 19 months. In fact, the Native Americans did not choose to leave because of their cut water supply, or electricity shut down. Instead, they left after the government had decided to take a few unar...

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