The American Health Care System

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In a time of economic hardship, Americans have become more and more conscious of how they spend their money. For obvious reasons, nearly all consumers would agree that overpaying for a product is bad, what they don’t realize is that over half of Americans already do. The american health care system has a multitude of flaws with a bunch of causes that raises cost, but at the root of it all is what sets america’s system apart, private insurance. Because of private health insurance,the cost of health care in the United States has risen exponentially. Emerging around the mid 1900s, health insurance was created by doctors and medical professionals to provide affordable healthcare for everyone who needed it. Insurance is based off the concept of pooled risk where a group of individuals all pitch in money, or a premium, regardless of their health so that if needed, a surplus of money would be available to pay off medical cost. This system was improved by non-profit groups, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, who were able to expand the system to include more people while also using its influence to make deals for discounted care with physicians. As insurance companies became larger however, many were taken over by businessmen converting nearly all insurance companies into for profit companies by 1998 (Oxford Medicine, USA). Since then healthcare has become the largest industry in America employing one out of nine Americans in 2009(BLS.Gov) up to one out of six Americans today while accumulating over 2.2 trillion dollars of US Spending (BLS.Gov). Health care like most industries has seen a boom in technology. This technology has allowed health care professional to establish new advanced test and procedures used to treat diseases more effici... ... middle of paper ... ...or the wait times, these times are more related to non-urgent care where these times are of minimal consequence. Also as people in socialized medicine systems are not worried about cost of care, they tend to see the doctor more regularly leading to a healthier population overall. Additionally our current system is full of flaws regardless where doctors are taught to over test often times escalating the bill by thousands of dollars. With the cost of healthcare being so unpredictable, it is easy to see why it is so essential to the average person. It may be time however for the United States to conform to international trends and nationalize health care in order to cut excessive cost and improve our industry. If not our privatized insurance system is well on its way to doing to patients exactly what it was created to save us from, health care induced economic collapse.
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