The American Education and Improvements

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Can American education stand to be improved? Of course! America isn’t a top performing country in academics. Other countries have much better, focused, and strict education programs that produce top students. While the United States isn’t failing in education, it definitely has some areas that could stand to be improved. Parents need to be more involved in their kid’s education, testing shouldn’t be the focal point of school, teachers need to be better qualified, and students should strive to do their best. If all of these can be achieved, then education in America can be improved.
The expectations and standards for kids in America are too low. The low expectations of students are encouraging them to slack off or not give their education their best efforts. Many states are making tests and curricula easier so it looks like their students are performing really well, when in reality they are just being given easy material (“Bursting bubbles; Education…”). After school activities are another factor in low academic performance. While jobs and sports provide many benefits, school is the number one priority for kids. Not enough emphasis is put on this by teachers and parents (“Shortchanging students: How…”). Parents are contributing to the low expectations by not paying enough attention to how their kids are doing in school, also. Parents should be rewarding children for achievements and punishing them for failures instead of ignoring what is happening in their child’s life. If kids know that they won’t be punished or rewarded then they won’t try their hardest, because they know it doesn’t matter. Students have reported that they think grades aren’t important, they don’t try their hardest, or are afraid of what their friends migh...

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