The American Dynasty

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It has been nearly fifty years since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed, and Americans all across the nation are beginning to remember those fateful years of protest and legislation as semi-centennials, like the Little Rock Nine, begin to come around. But as millions of people remember the many victories of racial equality that took place nearly a half-century ago, the question of “How far have we really come?” becomes a sociological issue that many are either too indifferent or ignorant to address. America, for the most part, remains “segregated” in strange and subtle sort of ways that those like Martin Luther King or Thurgood Marshall might have not foreseen in their bold crusades for equality, and highly non integrated public schools, economically exclusive universities, and a very uneven job market all contribute to this mysterious segregation that, though not law, keeps the proverbial fondue pot of America from simmering like it should be. The American people have come a long way since the 50’s and 60’s, especially with the civil rights movement, but the apparent truth, that the act in 1964 was merely a first step to complete integration, is becoming increasingly obvious as many issues, like immigration, are presenting racial tensions that only help to separate the nation. The main problem is this: the playing field of the American job market is stacked towards a wealthier and more prestigious sector of the American public, and because of low income, bad location, or a breadth of other variables, many Americans do truly have fewer opportunities to find work and education than others. To forsake its own western spin on the Tao, and to ultimately follow its founding mantras of liberty and the pursuit of happiness, legislat... ... middle of paper ... ...ed and been brought up in poverty and shown that they have what it takes to succeed.” The cultural separation of students in schools is quite conclusive, students tend to hang around with those that are sympathetic to their own cultures and may show indifference or even hostility towards others. Cultural integration will never be an immediate process, but that is all the more reason to start integrating students now. Affirmative action will enable many students to find education and jobs within areas foreign to their ethnicity or income and will, in turn, create families in those areas. With the complexity of job and college applications, race will never be a singular issue for admissions, but by assisting minorities find their place in many schools and businesses, it will ensure that integration will eventually come together in the community as well as the school.

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