The American Dream versus God's Dream

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Dreams The American dream and God’s dream is quite different, but somewhat similar. One has to clearly define the differences and similarities between the two. Therefore, they will understand the impact and results of both ideas on the way society address itself. People of society have to define what they are looking for in their personal journeys. By doing so without causing harm to others in the process, it is called “pareto optimality.” Whatever a person does shouldn’t make a negative impact on others. This has been one of the biggest conflicts in today’s society. In order to understand this religiously, an individual must define what it is they are looking for in their life. After all, the American dream is founded on the ideals of God’s dream. They have become separated from each other and themselves over time. According to the story of Genesis, God created the world in seven days, and “it was good.” What happened? We can still see the remains of what these Testaments meant by this. We can see the mountains of the Midwest and the canyons of the southwest and the beautiful beaches of the east and west coasts. We also can see the smog of Los Angeles, the oil spills in the gulfs, the polar ice caps melting and species becoming extinct at an exponential rate. We can see the world can have a nuclear war anytime soon and we would be extinct. It really is only a matter of time until Armageddon, and it will rain fire from the skies. This may seem to be a pessimistic view of the human race as a whole. Believe it or not, we are near the end of days and this very real future will come true, if we stay on the journey we have been on together for so long. Politicians, our representatives in this great United States of America, are cu... ... middle of paper ... ...iety being unable to function efficiently. The employees of these “tainted industries” seem to also bear the brunt of the stigma that goes along with certain jobs that they must take in order to participate in the unspoken competition for the American dream. The wages that these people earn in proportion to the work they do to earn a living is way out of equilibrium. It all seems to be part of the American Dream, because society’s injustices that allow for these jobs, put dinner on the table for someone else’s family. So someone does inevitably benefit at the cost of another person. God created all men to equally bear the brunt of the weight of society, and should equally be able to share the benefits. The scale has obviously tipped, and the American dream has become separated from God’s dream due to the overwhelming desire for more of each individual.

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