The American Dream in A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

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Everyone has their own definition of an American Dream. Some people think the American Dream involves wealth and fame, while others refer to it as happiness and freedom. Lorriane Hansberry proves that the American Dream is obtainable for everyone. In, A Raisin in the Sun, Hansberry explains the American Dream with distinctive characters, a well-rounded theme, and specific symbols.
Hansberry uses unique characters to describe the American Dream. Every character has a different view on the American Dream. The most nurturing character in the play is Lena “Mama” Younger. Mama is a strong-minded determined woman. Hansberry says, “She has, we can see, wit and faith of a kind that keep her eyes lit and full of interest and expectancy” (Hansberry 1135). She is hopeful for things that are coming her way. Mama’s husbands’ death has ensured the family with $10,000 insurance check. Mama wants to use the money to buy her and her family a new home with a big enough yard for her grandson. She fights for her dream even though her son, Walter, wants to use the money for something else. Throughout the play, Mama shows how determined she is to achieve her dreams for herself and her family.
Beneatha Younger is the daughter of Lena Younger. She is a young attractive independent college student. Her dream is to become a doctor even though female doctors are unheard of during this time. Throughout the story, she has a problem finding her own identity. She deals with racial discrimination because African Americans at the time did not attend college. She has a relationship with Joseph Asagai. She is the happiest with him because she is thankful for her African heritage through that relationship. Even though she is the happiest with Asagai, he critic...

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...tment symbolizes the lack of hope the family has for their dreams. The family hates the apartment and the apartment has minimum sunlight. The increase of sunlight in the new house shows the family that they will gain hope and happiness once they move there. Mama will also get revive the life of her house plant with the increase of sunlight.
Hansberry uses unique characters, a well-rounded theme, and detailed symbols to a example a family fighting for the American dream. The characters described the different difficulties ones may have to achieve the American dream. The theme helps emphasize the struggles the characters face throughout the play. The different symbols shows the hardship the family had to go through to achieve the American dream. Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun, definitely shows the struggles someone may face to be able to reach the American dream.