The American Dream Speech Analysis

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Everyone can give a speech, yet not everyone can draw the reader’s attention, sell their words, and gain attractions from the audience. A great speaker is known for his usage of appeals. The United States is founded on an idea which is classified as the American dream. This notion of the American dream, which has evolved through the years, is bonding the common thread of the hope for a better future. The American dream is a striving constant through this country’s history because of the unyielding power of hope. As his predecessors would tackle for the American dream, Obama promises to be the change in American history and promises to create a better future for the generations to come. “The American Promise” remarks of Barack Obama is a speech told in the Democratic National Convention Thursday, August 28th, 2008 Denver, Colorado. This speech has a serious positive impact on the American people. Obama attempts to convey a speech to his audience that our country is one powerful and successful hand. This speech is persuasive because of his use of amazing emotional as well as ethical appeals.…show more content…
He attempts to win his audience over by the use of an ethical appeal in order to refer to his personal history and lend himself credibility. Obama connects to his audience and expresses to them that he is the one that is going to make proper changes to this great nation. As Obama climbs the ladder towards presidential success, he plans on taking the whole country with him. It is towards the closing of his speech that Obama eluded to Martin Luther king’s “I have a dream” speech as King’s dream was deeply rooted in the American dream just as Obama’s speech of “The American Promise” was deeply rooted in King’s dream. For it is this promise itself that constitutes Obama’s core idea of America and the fundamental key to
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