The American Dream Fail Miserably

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Segregation Solves Social Class Issues We live in a diverse world where people of all social classes live among each other. The financially, spiritually, and physically less fortunate are forced to witness the daily success of the wealthy. In addition, the wealthy have no option other than to pass deteriorating homeless people on their way to work as chief executive officers of brilliant firms. This blend of rich and poor hurts society. Americans strive to live the American Dream. An example of someone who has achieved the American Dream is a person who was born into in poverty and used their hardwork and determination to become a successful business man. Sociologists argue that the great majority who attempt the American Dream fail miserably. Failure of the American Dream can lead to self doubt, depression, and a lifelong cycle of failure. Statistically, people tend to stay in the social class they are born into. It is natural for humans to feel more comfortable and relieved while living among their own social class. Mixing social classes is simply unnecessary and feels forced. This blend of social classes is constantly harming and adding stress to society. There is little to no communication between the upper class and lower class. If contact is made, it tends to be negative or unnecessary. If connection between the two classes was to be cut off, nobody would notice. If the impoverished are separated from the rich, many problems would be solved. Poor people would never be discouraged by the success of the upper class or get in the way of the rich. The rich people would never be bothered by the poor or feel the need to waste time caring for them. The impoverished people are an ugly sight and eliminating their hideous appeara... ... middle of paper ... ...urthouses can be found in both worlds to provide all citizens with full rights. Prisons will be constructed in The Lower World because there is no reason any crooked criminals should enjoy the fresh air of The Upper World. This system will go into effect after all humans born before January 1, 2000 die off. Workers will begin to devote their time to constructing the separated world as soon as possible. Plans have already been drawn and can be viewed in any office in your state’s capital. The project should be finished in sixty to seventy years if the brilliant plan is accepted within the next year. My descendents will forever be the moderators of my plan. They will primarily live in The Upper World, but they will have access to The Lower World if needed. Encourage your family members to work hard now, so they can be rewarded with a luxurious life in The Upper World.
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