The American Dream

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Many people find themselves trying to live the so called “American Dream”. Based upon my research I found out that the American Dream stated that anyone could achieve a perfect life through hard work and determination. In my essay I will define exactly what the American dream is and how a person that considers themselves to be living this way would be described. I am not intending to bash anyone in the process, this essay is to give the reader a better idea of what the American dream is. In the words of James Truslow “the American dream is a dream in which life should be better, fuller and richer for everyone with oppurtunity for achievement despite ability (Hanlon pg.1). With the many changes in society this is what American citizens strive to live by each and everyday of their life. As we all know back in the past many of our elders considered making a better living the true definition of the American Dream. Not only have technological advances and better career oppurtunites allowed our familes to have the better living they have fought for but it has created a new definition. Today’s definiton is to have financial stablity, a home with a loving family , and a great career. Each and every day that we watch reality television we typically get a glance of the changing “American Dream”. The image that is portrayed is the white picketed fence around the home, success , and a beautiful family. Not only does this enstill a man-made image in someones head it also presses the idea to live in a way that could either hender or benefit a person. Looking at how times used to be in the past we didn’t rely so heavily on having money , but hardwork and making an honest living benefitted a person well enough. In the early 1900’s the first e... ... middle of paper ... ...der this to be their dream because they got the leisure to do as they please. While a person would consider just having enough money to pay bill, a roof over their heads, and food their goals the dream is way different. Todays American citizen would consider their dream to have; beautiful children, their own home, and financial stability. If you don’t have those three things most people would not be able to survive. Works Cited "American Dream or American Nightmare?" American Dream or American Nightmare?N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Feb. 2014. "American RadioWorks - A Better Life." American RadioWorks - A Better Life. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Feb. 2014 Hanlon, Bernadette. Philadelphia: Temple UP, 2010. 2010. Web. 16 Feb. 2014. .
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