The American Diet

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We Are What We Eat: American Diet In comparison to other countries, the American diet remains undoubtedly too low in fiber, fruits, and vegetables, yet is entirely too high in calories, fats, added sugars, sodium, and grains. The array of healthy food choices available in America essentially supports ideal dietary health; however lacking proper nutritional knowledge while living a lifestyle full of time constraints prevents many Americans from maintaining a healthy diet. Learning to choose nutritious foods that accommodate individual eating preferences such as convenience and appeal is essential in fixing the American diet with increased longevity. Food appeal is an important factor teens and young adults consider when choosing which types of food they intake. Food appeal is defined as taste, appearance, and preference, and according to Stewart Tinsley, “food appeal has a strong effect on [young adults] food choices” (Tinsley 227). In addition, Tinsley identifies “taste as the most important factor teens and adults consider when choosing food” (Tinsley 230). Evidently, appealing food strongly influences young Americans in selecting digestible foods, regardless if their choice is unhealthy. This concept of choice is problematic for many young Americans who are unaware that choosing foods which do not necessarily comply with nutritional standards remains unbeneficial in strengthening their long term health. Instead of choosing foods primarily upon appeal alone for instant gratification, young Americans should strive to consume healthier foods which will ultimately promote a longer, healthier life. In addition to food appeal, lacking proper knowledge in regards to nutrition affect food choices for Americans as well. Stephenson Ken... ... middle of paper ... ...o fixing America’s dietary pattern in hopes of providing good health will stem from Americans choosing nutritious foods that adhere to each of their personal preferences. Work Cited Coleman, Erin. "Carrollton McDonald's Fails Recent Health Inspection." WSB Atlanta [Atlanta] Nov 2013, n. pag. Web. 4 Dec. 2013. inspect/nb5bz/> Hayes D, Ross C. Health Beliefs, and Eating Habits. J Health Soc Behav. 1987;28:120–130. Kennedy-Stephenson J. Dietary Intake of Selected Vitamins for the United States Population: 1999–2000. 339-344. Mooney K, Walbourn L. When College Students Reject Food: Not Just a Matter of Taste. Appetite. 2000;36:41–50. Stewart B, Tinsley A. Importance of Food Choice Influences For Working Young Adults. Journal American Diet Association 1995; 95 :227–230.

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