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Have you ever noticed the different policies and influences that have affected you and the generations before you? The American culture and influences have changed greatly over time. I believe that the policies and influences of American culture have changed since John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton
John F. Kennedy or as many people called him “Jack” was born on May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts in a large and wealthy family with 9 other brothers and sisters. Growing up John was very sick and was in the the hospital for a long period of time. According to Kaplan, Howard S “600 kids in the Boston area were suffering from scarlet fever”. (1) Many kids were suffering from scarlet fever along with John F. Kennedy. John F. Kennedy was also suffering from a few other diseases including a stomach disorder and Addison’s disease. Despite having all of these illnesses it did not stop him from playing the one true thing he loved, sports. John and all of his other brothers were all very competitive when it came to sports. According to ED. Kelle S, John was very good at sports but unfortunately he “hurt his back playing football at harvard”.(6) John eventually joined the Navy during WW2, while on a mission a Japanese Destroyer shot at the cruise boat he was on. while his boat was sinking he saved one of his other soldiers and had to swim with him 2 miles to a near by island. Unfortunately his time in the service hurt his back even more and when he returned home he had to have back surgery.

William Jefferson Blythe 3 was born August 19, 1946 in Hope, Arkansas. Bills father died 3 months before he was born in a car accident. Bills’ mother left him with his grandparents because she left to go to college to become a nurse. Bills’ g...

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