The American Conversion

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Imagine dozing off tonight at home in your warm bed and sleeping peacefully. Then, in the morning you wake up and you live in a new and foreign place. You have to find your way and build life up from scratch. This is what Americans did when they moved to this new land. It wasn’t quite that dramatic of a change, but Americans picked up and moved here and had to make sense of what to do next. Since the start of the country, there have been good times and there have been bad times, but the people of America have achieved advancement; even in the midst of the failures. With this new found way of life, it was not always smooth sailing, but the new people never gave up and continued to build and change. They tried new things, for example, the constitution, and if those didn’t work they would modify it and continue. And as the country advanced they found even more ways to modify the old life into a new easier life. One of the biggest conversions was the change from rural to urban. This change was not instantaneous, but it was a progression that had its ups and downs. The country had their beliefs and values and so did the new and growing city. In the novels O,Pioneers, and Devil in the White City the old and new values are portrayed and show how the country has progressed and changed.
The country life represents the “Old America”. It was the way life first began and the only thing that Americans even had a general idea of what to do. It was not always easy and many challenges came about from choosing to be a farmer. Sometimes the land didn’t cultivate quite what they wanted it to, the prices to ship goods were too expensive, or there was not enough money in circulation for the farmers to loan money or sell product. Farming was a hard, ti...

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...meant moving to the cities and giving life your best shot in the upbeat new and modern setting. The city can be dark, but with the right light, you can see the beauty in the newness. Overall, the transformation was tedious and new process, but Americans would make the new life work.
In the end America has progressed in what some consider to be positive ways and some to be negative. Americans will always hold values in different things. Their values may change as time goes on and technology advances, but there will always be some center moralizing value in the life of Americans. Americans will always try to make their way in an ever changing world, and advancements will continue. Some will benefit everyone and others; Americans will learn were not the best way. They will continue to modify life to fit an ideal line. America will never stop progressing and changing.
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