The American Civil War

The Civil War was over and America had to reunite and rebuild in order to regain its position as a world leader. The end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century brought new trials and new people to America. America was tested in ways it had not been tested before. Millions of immigrants were rushing to the United States in hoped of building a better life for themselves. America got involved in the First World War of its kind. The culture was beginning to change into a more free and liberal culture; big business closed in on running America into the ground. All of these things combined created quite the eventful decades and America was either going to sink or swim. This time showcased America’s strengths and weaknesses as a country and as a people for the rest of the world to see. America had a big challenge on its hands: to get a once separated nation to regroup and continue to strive for the excellence it wanted and needed to achieve. Without the events unfolding the way they did and without the reaction of Americans to these events America would have yet to exist as the strong nation it is today. Sure, America still has its issues and crises but when it comes down to it, America is a great nation and has become the world leader in almost every way whether it be advancement of individual rights or its continued goal to educate all of its citizens. The time after the Civil War to the time before World War I was vital for the advancement of America. Throughout this time, a pair of cousins, President Theodore Roosevelt and President Franklin D. Roosevelt, played a major role in the way America developed as a growing nation. This time period and the men that led the way may go down in history as the most important t...

... middle of paper ... impacted the American home like, the vacuum cleaner, the radio, and the automobile. By the 1930’s 14 million American families owned a radio, and 23 million American’s owned an automobile. This increase in consumer-orientated buying paced the way for companies and networks like Ford, General Motors, CBS, and NBC to make their impact on the average American’s life. All of this prosperity was not what it seemed though. As more Americans became victims of consumerism they began creating national issues. More Americans were fall victim to debt. In fact, the rate of Americans borrowing almost quadrupled. The extremely high rate of borrowing can somewhat be blamed on the companies and corporations that offered their consumers credit whenever they wanted it. The 1920’s consumerism and false prosperity set the perfect stage for the Great Depression to begin in the 1930s’.

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