The American Civil War

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Spring of 1861, tension between the northern and southern United States was escalating over issues of state rights and the federal authority and slavery; events leading up to the Civil War. Many people are unaware of the Native Americans’ involvement in the Civil War. In actuality, many Native Americans were fighting, many died, and even the ones not in war, such as, women and children, were effected in the aftermath. Land was taken from them and property was destroyed. Native Americans were belittled and treated with injustice. Not only did they fight for their own rights but some Native Americans fought alongside the white man; joining either the Union Army (North) or Confederate Army (South).
The American Civil War was caused when President Abraham Lincoln had been elected into office believing in anti-slavery, causing a total of 11 states to secede the Union and forming the Confederate states. These states seceded because they did not believe that slavery should be abolished. It has been proven that the Civil War was the deadliest war fought in America. 620,000 soldiers were kill...

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