The American Civil War

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The American Civil War The American Civil War had made a major impact on the course of the nation's history. Slavery was a major factor in Southern and Northern USA's economy — the South had used slaves in cotton plantations, and the North relied on the South to provide cotton for them to manufacture and trade. However, in the Pre-Civil War era, people had started to gain a sense of morality to stop slavery. The Northerners believed in abolition, but the South had relied on slavery in order to grow. Tensions had built up between the two, until the South had decided to secede, or withdraw, from the Union. Although both Northerners and Southerners had believed strongly in their causes, both sides had a different perspective over slavery that would spark the event of a deadly war. The period before the Civil War, also known as the Antebellum years, was a time when America grew into a great nation. Industrialization had flourished, and the infrastructure of the nation grew. However, although this nation had grown large, it was slowly starting to separate in this era. Northerners and Southerners disagreed over various issues like states' rights, multiple tariffs, and most importantly, the debate over slavery. Although both parts of the country were still linked together as a part of the United States of America, a division was starting to show itself. The growth of this nation, both good and bad, during the Antebellum years would eventually play a key role in the years ahead. During the period of the Antebellum years (1820 to 1860), industrialization became a more popular thing. Many key inventions were created in this time period, like the telegraph and the railroad system. Both provided a faster means of communication and trans... ... middle of paper ... ...assassinated.The war had a large toll upon the whole nation— families were lost, businesses destroyed, and houses and building in need of repair. The Civil War was a very costly war, not just in money, but also in lives. The Civil War was the most costly in American History, and it has remained a valuable part of it so that America may remember to not fight its brethren. Works Cited Davidson, James W., Stoff, Michael B., America History of our Nation. New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall. 2006. Print. Doedon, Matt. The Civil War. Mankato, Minnesota: Capstone Press. 2010. Print. Weirder History Group. Antebellum Period. n.d. Web. May 1, 2014 Paul (no specified last name). The Civil War. n.d. Web. April 28, 2014 Mintz, S., McNeil, S.. Pre-Civil War Era & Civil War. n.d. Web. April 27, 2014

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