The American Civil War

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There were many aspects of the Civil War, some were big and some were small but all were significant for the history of Union. Many people were involved in this great war, many of those people died. The great cause that all of these men were fighting for was to “save the union”, as Abraham Lincoln said in 1862. There was no interfering with the states that were free and the states that were slave states all he wanted to do was persuade the rebellious states that the Union was good and convince them to stay (Kennedy p 304).
Both sides had many advantages they also had many disadvantages. The North was twice the population of the South. They were a grown industrial base, which had coal mining and iron production in Pennsylvania. They had a better transportation network, as well as a bigger and larger Navy. They also were one step ahead with the National Currency and Banking System. The South had some big advantages including: fighting on their own soil, a large percent of the men fighting were white, and they were fighting a defensive war which meant they did not have to conquer any territory (“American Civil War”)
The Civil War was a very trying time that was fought in 10,000 places from Valverde, New Mexico and Tullahoma, Tennessee to St. Albans, Vermont and Fernandina on the Florida coast. Over 3 million American men fought in this monumental war and 600,000 of those men died. The homes of Americans became headquarters for the army, churches and schoolhouses sheltered the dying and sick. Moving armies moved throughout America ruining farms and burning the towns they went through. To them it was not a big deal to slaughter their fellow Americans; they would just do it and move on (Burns).
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...slaves were owned by the southern white men and were only able to do as their owners told them. By the end of the war slaves were set free to do as they please and live as other citizens of America. Even though we lost a great President because of the cause he supported, it was not in shame that blacks walked away from the white owners.

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