The American Auto Industry

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The American auto industry has had a turbulent time now with an ever constant momentum towards vehicles that are cleaner for the environment, without sacrificing the prices the consumers have grown to love, it is going to get even harder if they are unable to adapt. The marketplace for vehicles in the United Sates is insatiable, and the manufacturing of automobiles is of crucial importance to the overall financial stability of the state. However, the paradigm is under attack by foreign threat. Automobile manufactures in the US have mainly focused on their own domestic market whilst other foreign companies have begun forming in the US. This formation of external interests have not been much of a threat to The Big Three: Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler, auto manufacturers due to their immense saturation of the industry. Whereas these manufactures have become complacent in their sales approaches from being the dominant players in the American arena, the fresher companies bring new ideas to the table and have incentivized the American people into their foreign designed cars. This new cars have something that the American people have wanted, a more efficient more reliable cars. The only catch, higher prices due to tariffs imposed by the American government. Now, the American government is based on a capitalist model that should favour the best product available, but due to quotes and trade agreements it has a bias towards foreign automobiles; albeit a natural bias as any country would indubitably want its own country’s business to succeed first. They do this in an effort to instill the importance and value of locally made vehicles that may not have the technology a customer wants just yet, but the customer does not want to p... ... middle of paper ... ...ese electric vehicles on the road and how it will help society facing climate change and they implemented a tax credit for these alternatively fueled vehicles. This has prompted more people to buy this style of vehicle and has helped pull the American automobile manufactures back into the spotlight contending once again with the foreign companies to make the most profitable vehicle for the public. Yet they still have a way to go in terms of competing for the most superior product available in the American market. In conclusion, the automobile industries worldwide are overtly agreeing that there is a need for cleaner sources of fuel for vehicles. The governments agree, as does the consumer base of America. The next step for the American automobile industry is to involve that mindset in more of their products to secure their presence in the 21st century of automobiles.
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