The American And French Revolutions

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The American and French Revolutions were both very well known for many different reasons. Luckily, for the American Revolution, they were the ones that actually succeeded, the French on the other hand were not as fortunate in their success. The American Revolution was successful because they broke apart from the British; some of the ways that they did this were with the Declaration of Independence, and the constitution. The French on the other hand failed, they did not successes because of the beheading of Marie Antoinette, and the storming of the Bastille. The American Constitution is one of the longest standing constitutions that are existing today. The Declaration of Independence helped America declare its freedom from the British. This allowed us to free ourselves from them. Liberty is very closely related to individual rights, which is an enlightenment value. The Americans could sit down and compromise among them and could bring up ideas in order to succeed in the American Revolution. The Constitution from Madison is virtually the same as now but we changed the amendments. We also changed it as a bill and passed it through a ratification process. Madison’s idea of protecting individual rights based checks, balances, and the fact that the elements for a perfect government is already here but we just have to work out all the minor details in order for it to finally work. Madison was a very important figure in the constitution, he made it so in the end, the people had the final vote. This was big because the people normally never had any say in what happened. For an example in the French, they had a queen that made all of the decisions and the people did not have any say into what happened. Madison believed that t... ... middle of paper ... ...He would pay them with the property of the second estate and give it to the peasants, proletarians and blue-collared workers. He used these enlightenment values to allow France to do well. I believe that the American Revolution was one of the most successful Revolutions in the entire time of revolutions. It is the longest standing constitutions, which is a very impressive thing to have because it has not even been around for 300 years. It is still a relatively new country in the scheme of things. The French Revolution on the other hand was a very poorly executed revolution. It was doomed to begin with before it already started. Marie Antoinette was a very bad leader, and was charged before she even had any evidence brought against her. The country of France was doing very poorly and it was only a matter of time before something bad was going to happen to them.
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