The American Abolitionists Book Review

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Written by Harrold Stanley, American Abolitionists is a book that scrutinizes the movement of abolishing slavery in the United States. It examines the movement from its origin in the 18century in the course of the Civil War and the elimination of slavery in 1856. American Abolitionists book focuses on the American Abolitionists who struggled to end slavery and advocated for equal rights for all African Americans in the United States. Harrold mainly focuses his book on the abolitionist movement and the effect of slaves on its expansion. The book uncovers how abolitionist fought for the end of slavery and how they contributed to the coming of the Civil War. Abolitionist movements led to the emancipation of slaves and put an end to racial discrimination and segregation in the United States. Harrold presents the themes of feminism, black abolitionists and anti-slavery violence in the US. In the chapters of the book, Harrold explains the tactics used by abolitionists to end slavery in the South and refutes claims that they abandoned the South after the mid 80’s. He further explains why the anti slavery movement for women’s rights and the emergence of the Civil War were important. Later on, the author discusses how the Civil War was caused by abolitionists and how they were termed as irrelevant. The book explores how the abolitionists movements struggled to end slavery which led to the emergence of the Civil War. The major contention of this book is that it addresses how the abolitionist movement helped end slavery and caused the emergence of the Civil War. The anti-slavery movement was very active in the United States and was fighting for the rights of the African Americans who were slaves in the land of America. Harrold does a good... ... middle of paper ... ... Civil War. It provides more and more details on abolitionists to scholars, students and teachers. For scholars, it provides a comprehensive research on American abolitionists, for students, Harrold provided a great introduction to the historiography of abolition studies, abolition movements in the 1760s through 1860s and the end of slavery and how it changed the lives of the blacks in America. It also provides more details on abolitionists and race, abolitionist and black freedom and how the arguments against slavery changed overtime and how it was influenced by gender, race and discrimination. The book is a success and very useful to all. Works Cited Harrold, Stanley. American Abolitionists. New York: Longman Publishing Group, 2001. Print. Harrold, Stanley. The Abolitionists and the South, 1831-186. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2009. Print.
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