The Ambitious Marc Antony in Julius Caesar

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The Ambitious Marc Antony in Julius Caesar

The tragic and untimely death of Julius Caesar, a condemned Roman tyrant, triggered William Shakespeare's creativity. In his play Julius Caesar Shakespeare writes of the treacherous conspirators, Marcus Brutus and Caius Cassius, and their plans to assassinate their Roman leader, Julius Caesar. The story continues to explain how Caesar's loyal friend, Marc Antony, helps avenge the brutal murder. After Antony receives soldiers to fight his battle, his character begins to change. The fair and faithful Marc Antony transforms to a darker and more deceitful character. Marc Antony is not suitable to rule Rome because he holds a grand desire of great power, his conceit restrains him from seeing other's opinions and he possesses the dangerous power of crowd swaying.

Marc Antony hungers for domination, which is dangerous for Rome because he will go to any length to achieve his objective. These lengths include Marc Antony betraying his fellow country officials along with the citizens by deceiving them. The first time this treachery occurs is after Caesar's death while Marc Antony is discussing the act with the conspirators. Antony tells the conspirators that although he is mournful of his dear friend's death, if they believe the action they took was necessary then he will have to agree. However, once the conspirators leave, Antony reveals to Caesar's body that he will indeed seek his revenge. Antony accomplishes his plan of retribution by speaking at Caesar's funeral, convincing the crowd of Roman citizens that this act was truly a murder by power-hungry leaders. The fact that Marc Antony carried out his plan states that he will deceive his asso...

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...s riled audience and the possession of information that sets them over the edge into being an unforgiving mob (III, 2, 107-259). Having a serious effect on an audience is important when trying to be understood fully, however revenge is a dangerous topic especially when being encouraged by a talented public speaker.

Marc Antony is truly a deceitful person. This attribute is apparent in Antony's actions including how he handles his excessive greed, presumption in himself and his opinions and his perilous power of public speaking. Antony is not worthy of the presidency because he would be entrusted with too much power. Jurisdiction is an important privilege given to only those who can prove themselves as worthy and capable. Marc Antony has demonstrated that he cannot adequately rule Rome and therefore should not be allowed the opportunity.

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