The Alternative of Wind Turbines

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In our current status, we have to be as economic as we can be. There is no money to be wasting and more importantly, no resources to be misusing. That means, we have to change from nonrenewable resources to renewable resources. For example, change from our traditional fuel, such as fossil fuels, to an alternative, which can be wind turbines. This will not only help us, but also aid the world as a whole. There is no pain in being economic.
There are two types of resources for fuel and energy. These are nonrenewable and renewable resources. Nonrenewable are those that do not renew themselves at a sufficient rate for sustainable economic extraction in meaningful human timeframes. Renewable are those natural resources that can be replenished naturally with the passage of time. The key difference is that the nonrenewable cannot be replaced once they are used, while renewable resources can be.
Our traditional fuels are fossil fuels. These include oil, coal, gas, and several others. All of which are nonrenewable. The process to get energy from fossil fuels begins when they are dug up. Then they are transported to an enclosed environment. Here, the fossil fuels are heated to a point which the molecules become excited. They only work when combustion takes place. This causes the hydrocarbons present to create energy. Overall, the molecule produces large amounts of energy.
This energy, in the form of heat, is then converted in a boiler to mechanical energy. The mechanical energy is now superheated, high-pressure steam. The steam is directed to a turbine, which causes the blades to spin and ultimately spins the entire central shaft. The rotor powers the generator. The generators job is to convert mechanical current into electric current. Finally, the electricity flows from the power plant, to the power lines, into our individual homes. Although fossil fuels are very productive, they require energy to start of the combustion reaction. Also, as it has been stated before, they are nonrenewable.
On the other hand, there are wind turbines. These are a source of alternative energy. Wind turbines are also known as wind power plants. A large number of wind turbines are called a wind farm. The wind-powered electrical generators convert kinetic energy into electric current. Their energy is gathered from a renewable resource, wind. This process is founded on the rotation of the turbines’ propellers.
As the wind passes through, it causes the propellers to rotate.
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